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Uplifting Guam: Diabetes Care, Education, and Opportunity

Dr. Erika M. Alford is a leading endocrinologist on Guam. Born and raised on the island, she is dedicated to advancing the health and health education of the local population and gives back through her advocacy. Her intimate and deep knowledge in caring for patients with diabetes on the island will guide AI Health in providing a greater benefit within Guam’s patient population.

Guam's Voice in Medicine

Dr. Alford practices at the American Medical Center Specialty Clinic in Tamuning, Guam, where patients are diagnosed and treated for Diabetes Mellitus, Thyroid Disease, Pituitary and Adrenal disorders, Osteoporosis, and other hormonal disorders. She also mentors young students interested in the field of medicine and precepts Nurse Practitioner students who are pursuing advanced degrees, to help improve the local availability of medical practitioners. Her dedication to the health, community service and medical education of the people of Guam is reflected in her role as the official spokesperson for the Guam Medical Association (GMA), the largest professional healthcare association on the island.

Portrait of Erika M. Alford, MD. She is a middle aged Asian Pacific Islander woman with shoulder length hair She is smiling and her hair is brown. She is wearing a rose pink dress and a gold necklace.
Ariel view of Hagatna, Guam. It is a clear sunny day on the tropical island. There is a beach and two hotels. In the background is a mountain ridge overlooking the ocean.

Leading the Way for Better Healthcare on Guam

Erika M. Alford, MD

AI Health Advisor, Member of the AI Health Clinical and Technical Oversight Board, and Principal Investigator for Diabetes Study Guam

With diabetes technology becoming more available in Guam, including continuous glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps, patients are seeing improvement in their diabetes management. Using AI techniques will give us more tools to improve outcomes.

- Erika M. Alford, MD

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